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What will immediately strike you about Anokhi’s art, is its joy and depth. She was born in 1981 in Koblenz, Germany. At the age of eight, she moved to the United States with her family for five years. After a voluntary social year and training as a paramedic Anokhi worked for the Red Cross for several years. This was followed by studying social work at the university.

Diversity of cultural traditions and spiritual expressions have always been a big influence in her life. She presently lives in Portugal where she spends her time living a meditative life, painting and caring for her daughter.
The pragmatism and compassion that have formed a thread in her working life and continue to inform her art. It is her life work to transmute and transform a range of human feelings into expressions of unity and clarity . Her art expresses this dance between emotional processes and the inner stillness of being, each piece seeking to make manifest, this innate completion again and again.
It is also a literal process, as under each layer of paint, often lies a complete painting; a different expression in itself, shining through and making each work of art, a distinctive unity.
“While life, in its full gambit, continues to be my biggest influence, I am very much inspired by what I have found in my own heart. Working with textured layers of acrylic paint and other media, my paintings are always seeking to express the harmony of existence.
I wish that the paintings create a connection to yourself and touch your heart. That they reflect your own inner joy. That you feel inspired, nourished, alive and tranquil in their presence.



  • Kunsttage Ehrenbreitstein, Koblenz Germany/ November 2020

  • Kunsttage  Ehrenbreitstein, Koblenz Germany/ November 2021

  • Kulturgarten Pfarrer -Kraus- Anlagen, Koblenz Germany, May 2022
  • Galerie Rakemann, Andernach, Germany / September 2020 -January 2022
  • Artexpoalgarve, Portimao, Portugal February 2023

  • Expometro, NYC, USA December 2023


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